I took a new position at a smallish NGO about six months ago. My boss told me that I would be a "game changer" and tasked me with identifying and implementing system improvements to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. I'm looking for some guidance about how to implement some fairly obvious solutions as the new guy with zero role power.

In six months it's become painfully clear that we are our own worst enemies. Meetings are poorly run, projects are poorly managed, deadlines are rarely met, and accountability seems not to exist. I'm eager to roll out the most pedestrian Manager Tools recommendations around mail, projects and meetings, but am not sure that folks are willing to change behaviors. 

I'm specifically interested in tools that will help me address the lack of management that pervades our team. Mangers worry about being seen as "micro-managers" or "don't want to tell people how to do their jobs". I need some research or data to help them see that we'd be better off with more directive leadership.