I’m thinking of sending my CV and resume to a company that I’d like to work for.
Extra information, and questions.
I know a name of an HR person within the company, as they have recently been hiring new staff, and have advertised to send CV’s to their internal HR team (not an external recruiter)
The position I am interested in has not been advertised, however I am keen to put my details to them, in the expectation of their team growing, and my skills and experience being of value for this company.
Does anyone have any hints and tips for approaching an internal HR team, but without a role being open?
Thanks for your thoughts and feedback,
Kiwi On OE

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Try to find out the Exec of the business unit or company that is owning the hire rather than the HR team if possible. If it is a 'friendly' HR person then that is a plus, but may fall foul of an ethics policy and they may pass it onto another HR person.

So If you can find out the Exec; that is your best first line approach. Ideally they see your CV and refer it down as an interesting CV. I have done it and seen it done, and an email from the CEO/MD with the attached CV and a note to HR that she looks interesting will always be actioned. Don't be too bothered if its a couple of levels above the role. The attitude if matched by the letter and CV will most likely get a F2F result, which is what you are wanting right?

Draft a T letter (requirements/responsibilities V's your achievements) as a covering letter. Describe the role you think they want and that you want in the letter. Frame it as a solution to a problem; you know have seen that they are expanding/challenged by...etc and put yourself up as a solution. Your experience and capabilities the past I have achieved X, by Y and Z etc.

A great book promoted by MT for this approach (the un-advertised job market) is Rites of Passage by John Lucht.

An absolute bilble and probably the best book measured by ROI I have ever purchased.

Best of luck. One last thing...just be brave!


PS And remember the thank you note!