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Thanks for sharing John's letter in the message.   Wow--what a powerful, heartfelt (but accurate) testimony to what you and the MT team do.

It's amazing to see what kind of an impact the Managers Tools philosophy can have on an organization.  Many people would think that this would never work in the military - an organization that has a reputation for being inflexible and tied to tradition.   I think if John could make it work in the "rough and ready" Marines, it can work anywhere.

Mark, Mike, Maggie, Wendii, Dani and the rest of the MT crew --- I can't hold a candle to John's message, but I would also like to thank you all for everything you do.   You guys really make a difference.

John -- Thank you for sharing your story.  You do both you and your fellow Marines proud.




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Thank you for your post, Bill. We appreciate your support. Thanks for listening and for being the type of person to thank John.