Both books speak to war in the context of "everything else," and provide a "big idea" strategic view for, well, the world. In a nutshell, it's about globalization vs. a sort of cultural apartheid with the anti-globalization forces, dooming the "gap" countries to misery and "functioning core" countries to a continuing struggle to deal with gap-related disasters. The books and the C-SPAN programs are both without equal.

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For sure. Since I first got exposed to Tom on his CSPAN delivery in 2004, I imediately ordered the first book and subsequent book when it came out.

I am a regular reader of his blog and scarf up any of his presentations that are floating around the web.

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I ordered this book awhile ago but it's sat on my bookshelf for about 6 months now... haven't gotten to it yet. I did hear an interview with the author on the Hew Hewitt show though, and the ideas and Q&A were very interesting.

I'm looking forward to this read.

Any interesting aspects/lessons you picked up?

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[quote]Any interesting aspects/lessons you picked up?[/quote]

Many, but they all tier off of what Barnett prefaces his work on which is not thinking of war within the context of war, but instead within the context of everything else.