I would bet that if the employer were asked if he was doing regular one on ones and feedback....he would say no.

[quote]Mon Apr 30, 8:39 AM ET

RANCHI, India (Reuters) - An employer in eastern India beheaded one of his workers for failing to milk his cows, police said on Saturday.

Neighbors watched in horror as Upendra Yadav was dragged out of his house in Jharkhand state on Friday by his angry employer.

The employer's father and brother held Yadav down before he was beheaded with a sword, police said.

The employer has been charged with murder.[/quote]

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Yikes - when managers attack!

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Can I give you some feedback? When you behead the employees, it makes others worry about their own safety... How do you think you could handle that differently in the future?

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Talk about being effective by doing the right thing. How is beheading improving the problematic situation?

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You'll never get a"head" by managing this way.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :P

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Just a touch on the harsh side for a first offence, maybe a written warning next time??

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You all are killing me! :lol:

(No pun intended)


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You know, I always heard that business is pretty cut throat in India.

* I couldn't resist one more. 8) *

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Do you get two weeks notice for a beheading? Perhaps he was a senior milker and received a better severance package?

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While I can certainly understand the humor in your posts, I would like everyone not to lose sight of the fact that this event involved some one's death. A little dignity appropriate to the respect for life would be appreciated. There are better places for humor.

I don't want to be a killjoy, but my own experiences have taught me that we frequently place life at the bottom of our priorities when it is the most valuable and most fragile of commodities. Life trumps everything else.