Hello, I am a complete noob here but a coworker of mine directed me to your podcast and I've been enjoying it immensely. It seems like this topic has been done to death but I'm wondering if you have a podcast (or maybe a few of them) that discusses recruiting/hiring in-depth for a new hiring manager such as myself. Of all the duties I have recently taken on I have found this one the most challenging. I work in management at an industrial company, so the channels of hiring are a bit narrower than, say, if we were just looking to find copywriters. I have been referred to a number of recruiting agencies but I'm having a hard time truly seeing the differences between them. I'm almost ready to tackle the job boards myself, although my supervisor thinks that way lies madness... :)

Anyhow I apologize for the hit and run post but I was curious if you had any quick words of advice. I really do enjoy the work of Manager Tools and this looks like a community worth sticking around in.

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There are lots of good casts, and the best for you are:

Preparing to Interview: June 20, 2007 (Members)
How to make a job offer: May 2007
Quick and Dirty Interviews: Dec 2006 (Members)

The Interview Series is also chock full of great stuff - just look at it from the other side of the table.

M&M are planning a "How to Interview" series, but it has not been released yet.


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I'm pretty new here too and have not heard all those casts. Thanks to jhack for pointing them out and I'll look out for that new one!

I'm no stranger to industrial management although I don't technically work in that field (get it? I don't "technically"? anyway -- ), but I don't know that your options are really as limited as you say.

There are a lot of job boards specifically for engineering and HVAC areas, you could try googling some of those. I'll bet there are even recruiting agencies that work specifically in that field, although I have not had great luck lately with agencies. I found a few people for my company this Q though the recruiting community Dayak (kind of a recruiter ebay, and priced a bit less than a traditional agency). It depends on what your budget is like and how quickly you need someone. You might need to try a few approaches like I did.