Hi all,

I listened to the podcast and programmed all the alarms but what happened was they were going off during conference calls, meetings, O3s, etc. It was so disruptive that I had to discontinue before noon.

Anyone else in a similar situation. How did you cope?

Looking forward to some great suggestions from the MT community.


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Hi Dawne

I'm on day 5 now, though I started last Thursday (I missed the first 2 days of this week). During my O3s it has gone off and I've used that as an opportunity to let my directs know what I'm doing. Except one direct who missed her O3 this week and then got extremely upset mid-week about some responsibility issues and not being delegated to... I was able to remind her that if she'd met or rescheduled her O3, she would have learned that I'm doing this for the purpose of delegating... so the time analysis in itself has been very timely!

When I'm in management meetings etc, I always turn my volume down to silent anyway on my phone so the alarms don't sound. I'm using an app rather than the inbuilt alarm). When I return to my desk, I know I was in the meeting during those times and/or stops on the way back to my desk.  I am usually in the habit of putting the volume back up when I leave the meeting. It's working for me so far.  I'm very excited about getting results from this at the end of next week :)

Good luck,









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Hi Cyndy,

Glad to hear it's going well. Which app are you using. Maybe that will help me.


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Hi Cyndy - found the app trials under a different thread!!