Hi everyone,

After I listened to the latest manager tool podcast I went looking for iphone apps to generate some random alarms.

I found a few and most of them are terrible and simply dont work. However I did find one called "Random Alarms" which seems to work ok.

You can set the alarms with the obvious settings and then away you go.

1 little frustration that at each alarm keeps going until you open the alarm, which then opens the app, and you have to close the app for the app to continue to work.

Anyway, hope other find this useful. 
Let the time analysis begin.

Matt Sverdloff

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 Hello all,


I looked at 3-4 apps to help here.  The best one i found is 'Mind Jogger'.  It let me set 50 times, random, between 8:30-5:00.  You have options to change to non-random as well.  It vibrates when the sound is off and you can set custom sounds.  It was $0.99.   Its a bit buggy but does what I need it to do.  For an additional $0.99 you can get additional statistical functionality which I haven't tested yet (i'm using a notebook anyway).


All the best,