The time log process in the latest podcast is terrific. 50 alarms on my smart phone isn't. 

On the iPhone, to prompt me to do a recurring thing at randomized times, I use Mind Jogger. Perfect for time logging with randomization. Also perfect for reminding you to notice things.

2 minutes and $1 now to save setting and managing 50 alarms. Sorry, I don't know of an Android equivalent. 



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Hi Barbara

I've just found this app on Google Play "Impetus Interval Timer" - it's for training and Tabata but by turning off the other options that relate to training, I'm going to try it out this week and see if it does the trick. I was able to set the timer for 10 minutes, 50 times. It just requires me to hit "Go" when I want to start (I may need a reminder to start it! ;)

I also found Gleeo Time Tracker which allows you to record projects etc. I'll be trying them both in tandem and report back on their effectiveness.

Cheers, Cyndy






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 I found Interval Timer Seconds for free in the iTunes Appstore.

takes a few moments to set up 50 reps of 10 minutes.  Away you go. :-)





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These apps look interesting. I can't wait to try them out. One alternative to setting 50 alarms would be to just hit snooze. Once you have logged your 50 items you can turn the alarm off. This only works if you want the time to be 10 minutes between incidents. But it is an option.