I just completed my my first Time Logging Experience - and thank you!, It was a big surprise for me.

After I used an app to give me randomized alerts, I logged for two weeks my Tasks.

I was thinking of making a nice Pivot table to analyze it, bit a simple dashboard on paper was quicker and much more effective. I saw immediately where I spent my time on.

It was definitely more time on emails than I thought. Beside of this much time got lost on arranging travels and reimbursing the associated costs.

Luckily i see that i spend a good amount of time on relationships and Meetings as well as discussion which helped to "push the peanut forward".

I now know where to focus more and and how to arrange the day more effectively.

Here is how i did it:

I downloaded the app "Mind Jogger" and set up 50 randomized Alarms during the workday (in my case between 06:20 an 16:30)

On a simple paper template with 2 columns and 50 rows i noted the time and a simple description of the task i was currently doing, whenever the "Bing" from the alarm sounded.

I collected 10 sheets of paper over a period of 2 weeks and today I took them to create a dashboard similar to this one:

News-reading  IIIIIII
processing of Inbox IIIIIIIIIIII
Ad-Hoc Discussions IIIIIIIIII

and so on...

In the end there is a nice distribution and you get an idea for what you use the time during the day. A great insigt for me.

Thanks again for this podcast.





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Great summary.  Thank you for posting.  I will give the app a try and see how it goes.  I'm afraid of what my results will tell me!...but I need to know.