I would like to recommend to you an iOS app for the iPhone or Andy other iDevice called:

Mind Jogger (LeStro's apps)

it allows you to set up multiple alarms (up to 64) per day and randomize them in a given time frame (e.g. 50 alarms between 6:20 and 17:00)

I recently completed my time logging and this app was great , because I saved a lot of time. Instead of entering all the alarms into my system, this app just did it for me. So I was happy to spend the little amount of money to it.


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Christopher, I am downloading it now. I was sure someone would point out a more efficient way to do this.


Dax Middlebrooks

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I personally like Time and Effort Tracker, by David Martinez Lebron:


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I recommend StayOnTask for Android. You can set a recurring alarm at a random interval with min and max values (e.g. random between 3 and 12 minutes). It's simple, but provides exactly enough functionality for the purpose.

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I'll also plug RescueTime (that's a referral link that would give me access to the freemium features if people sign up, no downside for you. If that bothers you the normal homepage is at

It tracks what the active window of your computer and how productive you are being. For me: Word, OneNote, SharePoint, PowerPoint, etc., are likely very productive tasks. Sports, social media, and tech news are very low productivity tasks. It encourages me to stay focused.