So I went to an office party last night, except it wasn't my office. I went to see a band with some friends and a group of maybe 50 people from a call centre were right beside us. I started chatting with one of the more senior managers and got the "dirt" on who was who.

There were 12 rules in the original casts. I am pretty sure this group violated every one of them, plus a few that might not have been invented yet. Now I am far from a prude and you should have fun at a party. However, you have to remember it is a work party, which no one here seemed to remember. I am guessing a few people might lose their jobs over this one.

Women were feeling each other up (making out actually), men were grinding women, men were doing the man hugs (the combination handshake/hug) way too long. People were dragging people to the dance floor reluctantly. Personal space and touching were being violated on a constant basis.

One woman who is a senior supervisor and a rules person at work (6 ft. tall and slim) was all over anyone she could be all over.

Anyhow, just a reminder. Go over the "Time to Party" cast and use it to your advantage.