Perfect timing. Last week in a post here I mentioned by copy of the Effective Executive had walked off. Today I see that there is a Kindle edition for $2.99. I'm not sure how long this deal lasts (normally it's $10.99).

Don't be surprised if this is only for US customers.

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Much easier to take a Kindle edition with me, instead of the 500+ page hardbound book. Appreciate the heads up! 

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Sadly I can't download this in the UK, as Glenn thought.

Lucky Americans :)

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 Thank you for posting this. I now have a replacement book for one I loaned out but never got returned. 



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Bryan, that's exactly what happened to me. I look forward to reading and highlighting this copy  as it's been at least five years since I last read it. And fortunately, Amazon makes it more difficult to lend out than a regular paper copy.