When with a group of managers.. I often times tend to clam up.. look around and watch people talk

I need help on how to communicate more effectively, articulate my thoughts.. I really want to sound smart and sensible

I mean I have ideas on calls that we listen to or calibrate on.. but sometimes.. some people in the meeting mention things i want to say..

Any tips for me to do? What would you guys do if In a room of people who really love to talk?

any readings or articles to improve my vocabulary?

i admit speaking is one of my main areas of opportunities.. and planning, strategizing and execution are my main strengths

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I used to be so quiet in meetings (and if you met me you'd be amazed because I'm anything but quiet) that my manager used to poke me in the arm and say I want to hear you in this meeting or I'm going to make you ... and then tell me she'd make me do something I hate like checking detail on spreadsheets! Obviously, poking people only works in certain management relationships.. but the threat used to work for me!

As I thought about how to answer you, I wondered how that had changed. I went to a meeting last week with some senior people and my manager was there, and I didn't speak very much, but

* I did introduce myself confidently with a good handshake
* I did ask a couple of confirming questions which proved I knew about the big picture of the subject we were discussing
* when asked specific questions around my area of expertise I gave confident answers.

I think my old manager would have been proud of me- and I got very good feedback from the people in the room.

So, how did I get from there to here? I think I've learnt
*it's not the quantity, it's the quality of what you say;
*if you're the person who does that job day in day out, you know more than them and will be seen as an expert, so you don't need to worry about sounding smart;
*'that's a great idea' or 'I agree' when someone says what you would have said makes you a team player, and allows you to say something when you've been silent.
*confident introductions and doing your actions promptly after the meeting leaves a bigger impression than anything you've said (wise or not!)

Sorry it's a bit long winded, but I hope it's helpful.