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I do practice management consulting.  When I talk to other practices about their staffing challenges, I usually (well, almost always) mention MT.  The conversation is something like, "Hey, have you ever heard of Manager Tools?  Awesome actionable advice on this topic.  Specifically, look for the podcast called [whatever] that walks you through this issue." 

We don't sit and listen to the podcast together, I don't coach on how to do the Trinity, etc.  I don't have time for that -- MT speaks for itself, and we need to cover practice management topics (coding/billing, HIPAA, whatever), which is what they're primarily paying me to provide.

But yes, I get paid for 3 hrs of consulting time in which a nonzero number of minutes were spent referring the cilent to MT, along with a "here's why you need MT" message.

Is this materially different from what Mark describes as an individual license violation in this week's TITIT? 

I'm not trying to be snarky or legalistic (in the bad sense of the word); I'm not sharing licensee-only stuff, certainly.   I thought pointing people to something that's already freely available (the podcasts) on the official site where they're already hosted was kosher. 

Am I way overthinking this?


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Not trying to be snarky here either. But what we think really doesn't matter. 

One of the most powerful MT lessons is the value of communication to minimize uncertainty in relationships.  Reach out to Mark and ask.