I took a test which was to my perception disc (the c was named "analyzing").

My score was within 4 point of the number 50 on all measures, i.e. I have a very balanced DISC profile. I think it is accurate. What conclusion should I draw from this? No stength/no weaknesses?

Anyone with similar experiences?




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Jochen, I'm not sure which test you took, but it's not the standard Disc.  I'd recommend re-taking the Disc on this site, as the guidence will be far more relevant for you.  It's under $30 and takes under 30 minutes.  

That being said, the Effective Relationships podcasts on this site do a fantastic job of describing the differences.  Bottom line, no measure is better than the others.  However, how you communicate with people with different styles can make a big difference in your effectiveness and relationships with them.