Hi Everyone, I have recently attended my first job interview in over 10 years. Using the advice from Manager Tools I think I did a good job.

The one question that was asked which I was pre-prepared for was "why have you stayed at the same company so long?" "It is true" I answered "I have been at the same firm for 35 years but did start as a trainee / apprentice & have progressed to a senior manament position whilst also working in different divisions & at different geographical locations". "The challenges I face today & the skills I employ are a world away from those I experienced just 30 years ago."

Still the interviewer seemed to find something odd about this as they again brought it up in the closing section of the interview.

I am not stupid enough not to see that it could be that the interviewer does not see me as suitable for the position & this is his "escape route". But.........

How would you advise is the best way to answer this question in future please?


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No wonder they were unhappy, your answer does not answer the question. You just gave an excuse.

Nobody here can answer this for you, you need to dig in yourself to find out why. Remember: whatever you tell them should answer the question first!