In a new role, I am running a couple projects. We use a Contract Manufacturer model and I am attempting to make sure stuff gets done internally (the cross functional team or me) and externally at the CM. I also have to report up the chain and everyone has a different requirement and tracking system.

Executive Team - Excel weekly - high level milestones or key deliverable
SVP and my Boss - Excel weekly (different) - items in process now or items at risk
Me - Excel weekly - overall project tasks and items with due dates and responsible parties - formatted to go red once the due date has passed
Me - Project Plan Gantt - tracking in SmartSheets (similar to MS Project)
CM - items they are working on (which I also track in case they slip) at a high level
CM Project Team - detailed items, some overlap the CM tracker above.

Anyone have a way to try and bring all these things together so I can update/track one thing? I have been here less than two months and have repeated instances of different dates, etc.