Okay so I started a new job in spring, and appartently I am exceeding expectations. I am constantly being told by the head of the company and another high up of what a terrific job I am doing and I have been taken aside for special projects. So it's all great, with one problem.

There seems to be some tensity being built between the higher ups and my supervisor. In meetings one higher up will tell my supervisor that they have to do a better job on so and so, and then turn around and tell me of what a great job I am doing on my part. It feels very awkward as I feel I am in the middle it, because the praise for me just keeps coming and coming then my supervisor is treated as doing an "ok" job. How does one handle this? Just keep working hard and hope for the best? Also my supervisor and I have a good relationship so there aren't issues between us at all, as far as I can tell. 

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Why were you hired?  Were you a replacement or an addition?  If a replacement, how effective was the person you replaced?  It may be that your supervisor and/or your team has had the current expectations for some time, hasn't been meeting them, and you were the solution.  Now that you are performing well, if the supervisor isn't meeting expectations, or the team is not, then what would management assume is the problem?   

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They key here is that you don't control their performance or others reactions to it.  If getting praise when others are being critical comments the only thing you can do is perform at their level.  But that's not an acceptable choice.  So keep up the good work!

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First of all everyone, thanks for the advice!


I was hired as kind of both an addition/replacement. The company I work for downsized big time because of the recession back in 2008. I believe the company actually even was cut in half in terms of size. So this position was last filled about two years ago. Business picked up and that's where I came in. So technically there hasn't been anyone in this position for awhile.

I think overall everyone is performing fine. It's just I think I exceeded their expectations. I have brought a lot to the company (we are expanding into another country because of my skills and knowledge of that country) and I am the only one that can do it and I am not even in the business development department. I just seems like they weren't expecting this.

Well we each work on individual projects only my supervisor helps guide me in how to carry out these projects, but then I work on them on my own. So more or less it's a team effort but whoever is doing the project has the primary responsiblity.

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So this issue is tension.  It is between your supervisor and his superiors.  Doesn't sound like you are directly to blame.  As long as there's no tension between you and your supervisor, you're good.   For instance, you might not want to ask for a big raise right now, that might risk causing some increased tension ;-)

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Thanks! I appreciate all the feedback. Yeah, I will just keep doing what I am doing and hopefully things work themselves out with themselves. Thanks again!