I am searching for my next job at a mid-senior level where (I assume) in-dept knowledge is expected by top management / my future bosses. However, over the last 14 years, I have worked in varied industries and even varied functions for relatively shorter durations. As a result, I don't have (a) in-dept knowledge of any of these industries (b) don't have deep personal network in any specific industry (heck, I don't have a great network anyways). Now, I am not able to target specific companies for my next job search. Need help from forum members on how should go about targeting / narrowing down on companies for my immediate job search. Additional guidance for future is also welcome.  

  1. The industry sectors that I have worked in  - education, diamond jewelery, online software marketing, mobile app marketing, marketing of a "mobile marketing tool", social media analytics within pharma.
  2. The consumer groups whom I have marketed to - students, women, small businesses, young people, marketers at FMCG, marketers at pharma companies.
  3. For large part of my work, my functional area has been marketing - go-to-market, launch of new products, traditional marketing, then digital marketing, and lately executing large social media analytics projects. I have had sporadic tenures in sales, product management and operations as well. Since recruiters get confused I stick only to marketing as a functional expertise on my resume throughout the work experience.
  4. There are gaps within the marketing functional expertise as well (I am confident to fill in those though - learning or on-job or informational interviews). Over the last 3, 4 years, since I got drifted to a new job requirements which were mostly managerial and project / people management, I could not build hands-on skills within marketing - especially digital marketing. Here my concern is that unless I target senior roles with revenue and strategic responsibilities, I will get pegged to junior marketing fellows who are hands-on in digital marketing. But then again if I wish to target senior roles, I can't focus on nitty-gritty's of digital marketing skills. 


  1. My current job gave me significant pay hike - primarily because I got the job via friend's referral. But at the same time I had to change from my earlier functional area - front-play marketing to back-end project management role of executing social media analytics projects. 
  2. I can't really flourish in hard core analytics and current industry; hence I am coming back to my front-play marketing role jobs.
  3. Now I find myself at a senior level (with respect to my age - 39 years, my current salary level and work experience), coming back to my main functional expertise - marketing, but without in-depth industry specific experience. -end of message-.
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Have you figured out what you want to do & where you want to do it?...I may have missed it, in your post.

If you're clear on the role and/or type of work that you want to do and can plainly state it then I might be able to offer more suggestions.


It looks like you're really thinking hard, analyzing, and trying to figure things out. Here are a few ideas for podcasts to check out:

Best wishes!

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Thank you for sharing the links of the podcasts. I intend to go through those first and then come back here. Regards.