I wanted to share the following success story at finally managing my To-Do List in a manner that is satisfactory.

I have a Treo650 'Palm-OS' running KeySuite from Chapura as well as MyLifeOrganized 'MLO' on version 1.9 with FTP-based NetSync as well as Outlook 2007. I use MLO as the main interface for managing to-do completion.

I now have MLO running at home, Sync'ing FTP to a file on my FTP server, which I sync against from the office. This gets Sync'ed to Outlook by MLO, which then gets Sync'ed by Palm Hotsync to my KeySuite KeyTasks folder on my Treo.

Now of I check something as done anywhere from Home, Office, or Treo, it gets done. If I create something, it doesn't get lost.

And I can manage tasks in a Hierarchical fashion, hiding from my Treo, the tasks that are title blocks to the Hierarchy level, using MLO to encode the project name in the task name.

THIS IS FINALLY WORKING up to my Manager-Tools-trained satisfaction.

If this is catching people's interests, I may get the motivation to explain this in more details.


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Hello everyone,

first i would like to thank M&M for the great job the are doing!

Driving has never been so effective, because I'm listening to great podcasts.

I started a new job about a year ago in an IT Consulting company. I am working in many different places and was looking for an "online office" right from the start.

I found the right combination of tools from google(mail&calendar)&"Remember the milk"(worklist).
You can sync the todo list from via google Gears with your laptop to work offline.

With a plugin to the google calendar I am able to add a new task with just two klicks.

The best thing is the EMail gateway. Sending a mail with:
Subject: todo
Due: tom
Some text

Will create a new topic "todo" with the due-date "Tomorrow".

I find that even more effective than MS outleak, or crackberrys.

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