We have identified the need to be more involved at a customers site, and want to really understand our customers pain points, install base and what they think of our company and our service.

We believe the best way forward is to meet our customers Face-2-Face, build on existing relationships and engage with our customers.

We plan to track this and measure how often we are in front of our customer & outcomes of each meeting.

We plan to set a target of 32 face-to-face customer meetings per month. However, some of the DR's accounts are outside the home country - and limitations on travel and access to customer sites are proving a challenge.

Would appreciate the MT community's thoughts/suggestions on how to proactively track and measure each individual's performance on achieving this.

What gets Measured, Gets Done!


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Any thoughts MT Community?

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Does your organization have a CRM platform in place, through which you could track customer interactions? Does your organization have a plan around these communications with each customer? Are your staff trained in what your organization's message is around this new effort at customer relationships?

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Yes to all the above