What is a good simple tool for tracking tasks assigned to my directs?
My team has grown to 4 and I am having trouble keeping current on the tasks my directs are working on, especially deadlines and check-ins (several high Cs on my team). Each typically works on 1 major task at a time. What do you recommend to give me an overview that says "Bob said he'd finish the vendor survey by Friday, but he hasn't checked in on its status with the project manager yet this week". Low tech is fine - what works for you?

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I will generally use Outlook to track things. I will add an appointment on my calendar (either Free or Tentative) for the day on which I expected follow-up and I will use that appointment reminder as the impetus to check on things. I will also utilize color coding the appointments - either by DR or project - to help me visually manage at-a-glance.  As each thing is addressed, it is completed and closed. If I mention "I want a status update by X" I don't move on to the next thing until the appointment is on my calendar.  (I don't pause the O3 to make the updates; I save them for after the O3 but consider making those appointments as part of the O3 on my own agenda/calendar - after call work, of sorts.)

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I am already using Outlook for tracking my own tasks in a similar way, so this is a great fit. Didn't know you can color code appts; love the idea of doing it by direct. Very useful hint!

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I recommend looking at Trello. We used it at a previous job to great success.

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Here is a good overview of using Trello for task management, in case it is useful for others (I needed an intro myself).