Had seen a few ways mentioned that folks track their daily feedback in the past and wanted to share a way we have started within my team.

I gave out floral glass marbles, which are a bit flat, so they do not roll, and a small bowl. Each person got 12 of one color and two of a different color. Each time they provide feedback that week, they drop a marble into their bowl. The ratio was just how the colors worked out.  The primary color is for positive feedback, and the secondary for negative. 
As we just rolled out feedback with my new managers, we needed a fun way to remind us. At our team meeting each week, we compare bowls to celebrate our success.
As a side note, it also helps you limit that negative, once your secondary marbles are gone. Keeps you focused on the positive.
Yes, folks laughed. They chuckle every time we hear a clink into a glass, but I hear feedback!

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I love it.  Reminds me of Michael Swenson's poker chips in the pocket.

I like it when people laugh at new stuff...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...this is what innovation and creativity is - trying new things.  Management and productivity NEED more creativity that's actionable and real.