BLUF: Is it necessary to show copy, trade or registration marks (© - ™ - ®) when listing brand names, in responsibilties or accomplishment bullets?

Types of roles I am targeting are: creative director, brand manager, corporate communications manager, etc.

I'm concered that if I don't, it could suggest I don't understand or value listing brands with its correct marks. Only issue is the space it takes, it causes line breaks in a few places on my resume.

If I do show them, my thinking is that I would only have to show it once per initial brand name usage.

Any guidance or thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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I think you have more expertise in relation to this question than most other people reading this forum; your concern is rather specific, and it concerns targeting a pretty specific group of people.

Who is the audience for your resume?  Will it be read by creative directors, marketing managers?  (What I'm getting at is: are your concerns representative of the people you need to impress?)  Have you received resumes for marketing roles during your career so far?  If so, how did people handle this issue, and how did you feel about how they handled it?

In my (technical computing) world, I'd regard including (TM) and that sort of thing in a resume as rather silly, and indicative of someone who was trying too hard and had their priorities wrong.  But your world is not my world, and I don't know if the rules are different or not.  Hopefully, this helps you think about the issue.