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BLUF: Is there a class or book out there that can help me become more detailed? 

I just got my mid year review. And his feedback for me is that I need to be more detailed oriented. I am impeccable with numbers, and excel, but sometimes I have typos no matter how many times I look at it. It is something that I really struggle with. (I think I may be dyslexic). I want to be able to demonstrate that I am actively working on this weakness. But not sure how to demonstrate it. Aside from everyday output.

I have a colleague double check a lot of my work (and I his). But I need to be able to demonstrate to my boss that I have gotten better. And since he is not on any of my projects - he has this preconceived notion that it is as bad as it was when I first started.

I need to at least demonstrate that I'm actively working on it. Preferably with a SMART KPI around it. I have searched for classes or books on this with no luck. 

I welcome any thoughts or ideas. 


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If there are any typos in this post please let me know. I have read this and proof read this 5 times now. Sometimes I think I may be a lost cause on this front. 


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Hi Consultant,


You also might want to try


These last two might help because if the way you deliver your message is crisp and clear, people are more likely to be thinking about the message, than how it was written.

Hope that helps


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Hi there -

So is the concern around your writing skills? When you say "typos," are we talking about spelling errors, grammatical errors...? If so, I would suggest a couple of things: try some type of local Writing 101 class, focusing on grammar and syntax. There's your SMART goal. Also, maybe even try a typing program like Mavis Beacon (free online). That's how I learned to type 120 wpm with very few errors, and I highly recommend it.

Don't feel bad; I once had a position where I kept making ridiculous errors and the more I made, the worse it got. It was like I was stuck in a rut and couldn't stop myself! At the end of the day, i realized that the position was all wrong for me. I took Strengthsfinder 2.0 and DISC, and learned that I'm a High D/High I with very little patience for attention to minutae and detail. So I ended up getting a position that used my strengths as opposed to weaknesses, and couldn't be happier! 

The best part is, i never have to hear at a review, "Jess, your numbers/slide title/etc. is off" again!  I used to cringe every time I got called in for "feedback"...anyway, good luck to you! There is definitely a solution and I'm sure you'll find it. 

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Hi, here's an online course to improve attention to detail. It provides a framework for becoming more detail-oriented and has produced excellent results for hundreds of people so far.