Good Morning from Sydney.

Would my fellow M-T comrades be able to help me, I am looking for a 'map' for the delivery of training. Would someone be able to add some commentary & suggestions on my starting points below or point me in the direction of an ideal way to layout a training session.

My starting thoughts are -

1. Overview & objectives - these will be determined through staff requests or areas where weaknesses are evident.

2. Role clarity / responsibility

3. Core content - what / WHY / how

4. Working example

5. Questions / feedback

6. Revisit objectives have been met - have participants 'close' to the rest of the group

7. Close

Some additional information which may be helpful - these are internal training sessions from finance to rest of organisation, topics will be varied from budgeting / forecasting to general accounting & reporting. As a finance manager I am high D, high I delivering to marketing teams. Sessions will be to 5 - 10 participants with whom there are strong working relationships.

Thanking you all in advance - have a fantastic day.


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...but I wouldn't structure my training that way.

Ask yourself what you want to train people on, and then build an agenda around them learning it (often in the form of teaching) and then doing it (practical exercises).  Adults all learn through doing.  ALL ADULTS LEARN BY DOING.

That may take 1 hour or 5 hours.  Have breaks appropriately, and have the normal welcome/purpose/agenda/ground rules/introductions to begin.  Leave time for a parking lot.

There are casts about agendas and presentations that will help.


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Thanks Mark, I appreciate your feedback & will implement this advice. (I was referrring to a training structure, I'm not firing on all cylinders today).

The agenda & presentation casts are fantastic & always referred to along with thank-you notes and the many others. The resouces / templates provided by Manager Tools are exceptional, a nice compliment to the content. Thank you.

Eila (DiSC - 7711)

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Start by thinking through what  success will look like. What will the trainees do when the training is complete?

Work backwards from there and many of the training tasks will be easy to identify.