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BLUF:  Is it customary for a company to ask for a transcript as part of the initial application process?  

Last week, I submitted a resume for a "Safety, Health and Environmental Engineer" position at a local manufacturing plant.  A few days later I received an email from the HR department telling me that they "look forward to receiving my transcript".  The wording of their statement seems to imply that they had already asked for it, but the original application instructions did not mention sending a transcript. 

Regardless, it seems strange to me that a company would want to see my college/master's transcripts before they ask me to come in for an interview. Perhaps this is normal, but I would like to get some input from the MT group before I send in that sort of personal information. 

I just retired from the Air Force, so this is my first experience with the whole civilian job application process.  




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It's quite common.  I wouldn't worry about it.   Because it's an engineering position, they are probably checking to see if you graduated from an accredited school.

I have a PhD, and I've had things held up in HR because I didn't send in my high school graduation transcript. 

They have a list, and they ARE checking it twice :)

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Transcript requests are normal. The timing may vary. For example, I have been asked for transcripts (usually) after interviews. So what I did many years ago was request official transcripts and then keep scanned copies as PDF documents. The PDF copies have usually been sufficient...but if they ask for official transcripts then make sure you contact your schools and have them sent.

Lately, many schools waive the costs for sending the official transcripts because it takes more effort processing the payments than just sending the papers.

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Oh, a reminder for US folks: don't forget to check your transcript to see if it has your social security number on it!

For those of us who graduated in the pre-internet days, it's not uncommon for your transcript to have both a SS# and your birthdate--which makes it a security liability.

Make sure you cover that up or get it redacted!


Bug, who has to admit her undergraduate transcript was issued when Chevy Chase was still on SNL, and her "computer" class involved stacks of punch cards :(

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Bug_Girl and TLHausmann,  thanks a lot to both of you for your thoughts on this subject.  Your insight is very helpful to me. I am going to order transcripts from my universities after they reopen from the winter break and then send them to the company.  I guess I wasn't expecting to be asked for a transcript so early in the process.

I am thankful for the MT podcasts and this forum.  Moving from the military to the civilian world is a bit challenging because I don't know all the "rules" yet.  

Watching for SSN and birthdate is good advice.  I'll be sure to check for it.

Bug_Girl, don't let anyone tell you that the punch cards aren't cool!

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for your service to our country.

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Thank you TLHAUSMANN.  It was my  privilege to do so. Sorry I took so long to respond. 

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