I have just become a listener of the Career Tools Podcasts- great stuff! I found the podcast on iTunes as a result of looking for John Luchts book- Rites to Passage – (I have a hard copy of it and was looking to get the audiobook).

Anyway- I have now listened to all three of the podcasts with Mr. Lucht and I am now listening to the podcasts that was done back in 2010 about switching industries. Again great stuff!

This brings me to my point. I am in fact, looking to switch industries. I have been employed by the same employer and industry for over 21 years. I have had multiple progressively responsible positions through the years which has me now in a VP level position. The industry I am in is non-profit health care and more specifically, fundraising. My working theory at this point is that I think that given my past experience, the best industries for me to cross into would be.

A) The for-profit industry – in a corporate foundation or corporate social responsibility role – e.g., WalMart Foundation or

(B) Private Foundation industry – where grant makers such as Gates Foundation or Carnegie Foundation., provide grants to non-profits such as the one in which I’m currently employed.

By making a switch to either A or B, it seems that in some ways, I would be in the same industry that I’m currently in and yet not, thus it would seem that the issues with changing industries would be somewhat mitigated.

I suspect it’s hard to determine without knowing my specific background, but given what I have described above, does this seem to be a logical step or am I trying to accomplish the impossible.

Thank you in advance for your help