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 I've done a search on the website and through the podcasts for something on this topic. There is a reference in the "How to Resign" podcast series, but I haven't been able to find anything else.

I recently had a technical direct resign. Are there any resources on the site that would discuss details of giving my outgoing employee a list of transition file topics? I know that he should give me project statuses, but what else?

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Great question, I ran into the same issue last week. One of the most valuable things I had the direct do, was to update their job description in great detail

It turned into a 5 page document that listed virtually everything they did. Not just the typical high-level  "Typical Duties and Responsibilities" bullet points, but included examples of the tasks. And current projects that tied-into those responsibilities.   It gave the following benefits:

  • Identified areas & processes that only they knew how to do, allowing us to document and transition that knowledge
  • Identified gaps.  "I didn't realize you were doing that"
  • Served as the basis of the job description to hire a replacement