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How long should I allow for a job transition when I will be on-site?

I am transitioning into a new role within the company. :D It is a nice promotion and I have the opportunity for greater positive impact on the company.

I am preparing the transition folder as suggested in the "How to resign" podcast so the new manager should have a good start. Even with this great idea (big points with my current boss), there will be some transition time as a new manager is brought up to speed with my team and their new responsibilities. How long should I allow for this transition time? One month, one quarter?

All the best, Ken

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Not sure how complex the job is, but I'd say: Make it short. If you were leaving to join another company, the new person would have to figure it out fast.

Moreover, the longer you linger, the more you interfere with the new person's "ownership" of the role. Assume the new manager will rise to the occasion.


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As you are staying inside the company, you will be able to be called on if a question comes up. This allows you to shorten your transition time. However, [b]do not[/b] let this be the norm. You have left the job, your input should be the last resort (depending, of course, on the interactions of the two teams).

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How I handled the transition is by coordinating a meeting with the old and new boss. We reviewed a transition plan I had created. It outlined not only current initiatives and their status, but also regular meetings to be attended and special events that were pending (awards for direct reports). I included a count-down schedule of from time of transition plan kick-off until final official transition, how long it would take to go from 100% dedicated to the current position to 100% dedicated to the new position.

Both bosses very much appreciated the level of detail, having a timeline to talk through together, and even came to an agreement not to change anything. Of course, there was the reassurance because this was an internal move, if needed I could provide reasonable assistance when needed if the workload permitted.

With all the prep work of documenting the position and deliverables, along with making sure I wasn't acting as an ambassador to two parties that never talked about the transition but rather brought them together, it went extremely smooth.

Total time - 6 weeks.

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Awesome. Buyin from both managers, clarity for everyone. Nice work!

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I was wondering if anyone has a template for an employee transition. One of my direct repports has accepted a position in another department in the company. I have already identified a current direct report to whom the exiting employees projects and responsebilities will be transitioned. I want to document things that both parties need to review together and also have both employees physically sign the tracking sheet as each item is transitioned.