Has anyone tried using the MT/CT material in transition environments? What works best? What needs adaptation?

By "transition" I'm referring to transition network communitiescooperative/colaborative/community processes, and grassroots social-economic change movements/projects. If you are asking what the transition is to, absolute labels could be highly misleading. Post-carbon, post-industrial and post-scarcity are probably the most used relative labels I have found so far, depending on from which zoom level you are looking at the issues. "Direct multi-dimensional prosperity-driven economy" from a "proxied one dimensional profit-driven economy" would be my personal choice for an absolute composite label from an engineering/managerial perspective.

If this topic is premature or seems off-topic for the MT/CT community to engage in, I apologise in advance. I have been waiting for a podcast on this topic or someone else more established to bring it up on the forums for more than a year. MT/CT can be partially applied from my perspective, though I haven't yet had need to use most of the tools, besides personal organization and network. I may clarify and expand on this topic, if there is any interest.

DISCLAIMER: Discussing a major paradigmatic social-economic-cultural shift may shatter one's world view. If that can uncomfortably disrupt your established life goals, productivity or inner peace, just please ignore this topic.


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Just to followup on this topic. The initial post questions (BLUF) still apply.

I've been learning about the different application of group organization according to Transition Network's Effective Groups, in which the agile Holacracy approach is introduced, besides the more well known hierarchical and collaborative approaches. Each approach has its pros and cons, of course, none is "the best", it all depends on the context. The presentation style from this group starts to tie in to MT/CT material, and eventually it would be interesting to see a take on these new approaches coming from an MT/CT standpoint, which I have been familiar with since 2006.

Here is a playlist of the videos the aforementioned group already put forth.

I'll leave you with my additional curated list of tools, methodologies and approaches I am aware of that could connect to MT/CT material, in case you are interested in taking a look: Dragon Dreaming, Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology, World Cafe and Non Violent Communication.