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Are there any (concerted) efforts to translate the manager tools? I have translated some things for my own use, and it is taking significant time especially since the models are phrased in such catchy sentences with many sensitive connotations.

I would be willing to share my translations if I could get them reviewed by others, and I would love to see other tools translated by colleagues.

Would it be an idea to post and discuss translations on a corner of the forums?

My native language is Dutch, and all my direct reports are Dutch. We are using English for 90% of our work, but day-to-day manager tools must obviously be translated.

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The brief answer is that no, there are no concerted efforts to do translations. We will provide them at some point, in some way, but it is unlikely to happen this year.

I know it's a delicate subject, but please remember that our content is copyrighted. Sharing downloads, sharing casts, sharing transcripts would all be violations of our copyrights. We provide this information free for personal use only, and sharing would challenge that.

We're trying to find a balance between openness - and we think we're pretty open - and sustainability. If we don't make some money, we'll have to stop.

Remember, it's free to everyone...but this is our job. Mike and I have no other appreciable sources of income.

Thanks for understanding.


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I understand fully, and I was not thinking about any sharing that would not involve you two. More like sharing through you.

Translating is difficult. I do not suppose your Dutch would be quite fluent enough to translate your own work with similarly subtle connotations as the original. On the other hand, a single Dutch native speaker will rarely have mastered English enough to understand all the connotations you put in your phrasing.

You may be able to think of a model in which you would "make money" off translations that registered members have made for their own use.