My wife has had phone interviews with two different companies in the same city that's far from where we live. One of the companies is flying her up for an in-person interview, and it's very possible the other company could do the same soon. 

What is the etiquette should the interviews fall close to each other since they're in the same city? Say the first company had her return flight scheduled on the day the other company wanted her to fly in? Or if the second scheduled interview made flying back home and then back out a waste of time?



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 She should be honest in her answer and not volunteer more information than what's needed to coordinate the event.

"I'm sorry, I'm not available on that day.  Can we find an alternative?"

"I happen to be in your area on that day,  This timing may be perfect!"



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Avoid at all costs the urge to game the system too much.  You delay the first trip, thinking you "might" get invited by company 2 -- what if the 2nd company doesn't come through, and company 1 makes their decision in the meantime?  Don't postpone the trip.

If you truly aren't available, say so.  If you are, but you want to appear unavailable in the hope of making everything work out in your favor, you add to the risk.  The hiring companies hold all the cards.  It would be nice if it worked out, but recognize there are downside risks.

On the other hand, you could contact company 2 and tell them you'll be in town at a certain time.  No demands.  Make it clear you're willing to come back into town another time if necessary.  But if not, you might just need to accept the inconvenience.

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To follow up: My wife went to the first interview. Didn't quite think she was a good fit. Went out to dinner with some people she knew from the other company, and they basically said "we want you, we'll make a position for you, and let you work remotely until you can get your family moved up here." 

Sweet deal. It's her dream job. 


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Yeah, looks like the thread was started a while ago, and good things have happened in the meantime.

Good luck with the move & new job!