I am listening to the travel casts. 

Recommendations about one airline - something I have seen the benefit of sporadically as I don't travel enough always to get the bennies, but my partner definitely does.  American, until this year, treated us well, even when they have cancelled flights.  They nearly always had the best combination of non-stop flights at good times to the destinations to which I need to go.  And I'm not talking First Class and Gold level travel here.  I'm usually in with the cattle.

Since American has been financially challenged this year, however, I have found the flight choices have cratered.  The planes are beat, the staff clearly stressed.  Even after 9/11, I never saw this kind of stuff from them.  Anyone else have comments?




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One of the side-effects of working for a large company is that they often insist on their "preferred" carrier, with whom they get larger discounts.

So it was that I built up a ton of miles on British Airways, until the company switched to United. I built up a ton of miles with United, and then the company switched to American and Continental. 

United had annoyed me a few times anyway, so I didn't cry over that  last one. I was happily building up miles on Continental the last two years... and now that's merged with United. That's OK, since the company switched carriers again. American and Air France, I think. Maybe someone at corporate doesn't like United either.

As someone who actively works on the relationships to get the service I want, it's frustrating when I *can't* be brand-loyal. 

-- Chris