Hi all

Was just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem? About 3 weeks ago, the phone started initiating hard resets on its own. This appears to be random. I pick up the Treo to make a call and find it in set up mode, with all my data (contacts, appts etc) having been wiped. When I get home, I can resynch it but it is a real pain being out and about and losing all of...well, my life, such that it is.

If you had this problem, how did you fix it? Thanks very much.


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I just went through this with my Treo 650. I would get those random re-sets (soft ones though, no data loss) more and more frequently, until finally a couple of weeks ago one morning it went into a re-set cycle.

I had installed some diagnostic software that indicated a problem with the preference file. The cure for that is to do a hard re-set, re-install your apps and re-load your data. It's a pain because you have to set up all your preferences for your various apps, including in many cases re-entering registration codes (for 3rd party software), so make sure you have them handy.

I strongly recommend backing up your onboard memory to an SD card. That allows you to restore while away from your computer. There are 3rd party backup apps. that handle this automagically.