So I had another first interview (after two phone interviews) with a third-party recruiter. She kept leaving the room (it may have been part of the interview process as a major part of this job description is negotiating with Type A personalities and difficult people). It was a challenge getting the consistent energy and small talk going but I think I was fairly successful in keeping her focused and winning her over.

So the moment of truth arrived. And I did close – albeit a modified one – and that turned the tide in the interview like you would not believe.

“If you were the hiring manager, you know what I would say to you at this point?”

“No, what?”

“I would say, you should make me an offer… pause….. and here” and her jaw dropped. I never got the chance to get into the "and here is why..."

She interrupted at that point and went on a diatribe about how important and helpful it was that I said that. She said the hiring managers often ask, “How interested is the candidate” and rarely can the recruiter give an enthusiastic confirmation. She continued that I just made her job a whole lot easier, etc etc etc.

My final close to her after this was “if someone cannot get excited about a newly created job with Mystery Company, with all the benefits you mentioned and an upfront plan to have you promoted in 18 months, they should not be in front of you. I want this opportunity.” She said she was going to recommend the hiring manager meet with me.

I followed this up today with a thank you note and ended it with “in case you forgot, I WANT AN OFFER!…”

Kudos to you, M&M. This works.

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I've just been conducting my first interviews ever. Granted I'm interviewing for a position that's only maybe one step above entry-level, but so far I can only wonder what it would be like if someone expressed that kind of enthusiasm for the position. ANY kind of enthusiasm.

I can remember being the interviewee, though... I didn't want to appear desperate (especially if I was! :lol: )

But I'm thinking there's a huge difference between desperation and enthusiasm.

Good job! Thanks for telling us about it!

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And thank you Terri, for your kind words :)

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Yep. Some of this stuff actually works.