I would like to know how you would handle the following:

I have direct reports, some of which are Full Time employees.  The others work outside and are assigned to a client site daily for as little as a week to months.  When a project ends, it is possible those employees will just hang on until another project comes available again, meaning they don’t work until I have more work for them.

I have scheduled my one-on-one’s with my full time employees but the others that fluctuate between working and not working , would you try the trinity with them or how would you handle those direct reports that do not work full time on a consistent basis?

In addition, one other question.  My boss is encouraging me to implement the trinity but yet he misses our weekly meetings often and does not reschedule?  How would you handle this situation?


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Are the not full-time employees still employees? Will you complete their annual review? If so, then absolutely you should do the O3s with them, including on the weeks they are not working, since they should be doing continuous professional development during that time or helping colleagues on other work.

If you are not doing their annual reviews, then you can use the project O3 format for the time they are on the project with you.

As for your boss.. never try to manage your boss! If he's missing the meetings it implies he either finds something more important or he's not getting value from your meetings. Which do you think it is?


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I appreciate your comment.  The "Not" employees are contract labor...No, reviews would not be done annually for these employees no matter if they work full-time for a year or only 20 weeks out of the year.  So what do you suggest in this circumstance concerning O3's?

I think my boss gets value from our meetings so I think he finds that when he misses the meeting it is for something more important than me and our discussion.