The shownotes for Rolling out the Trinity say to use MT slides when meeting with your team.  Are the slides still available?  I haven't been able to find them anywhere on the website.

I'm looking to begin this process in the next month, and want to make sure I explain what I'm doing and why as fully as I can.  (I expect a fair amount of resistance from a few directs).  Thanks.

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Slide decks are usually reserved for those with a liscense. 

Do you have one for the premium content feed?

If not, I highly recommend purchasing it. It is well worth the investment. 


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I do have a personal license.  Is there something else I need?

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That should be it. 

Subscribe to the premium feed for the documents and they should all be downloaded. 

Go into yur folder and search for trinity, you should find several shownotes and slides based on this. 

Some that come to mind include:

  • Rolling DOWN The Trinity
  • The Management Trinity
  • Rolling Out the Trinity

It breaks down further from there into coaching and feedback as well. 


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I've been hunting all over the site for the slides and also the document that is available to hand to a direct.  I am a premium content holder.  Can anyone provide a link or an exact search term, etc?  

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In general, slides for the shownotes are no longer available. The time spent in producing them is significant and the feedback we've received suggests that they are generally not all that useful.

That said, Rolling out The Trinity is a bit different. I've added back the Slides into all the Rolling Out the Trinity podcasts . Hope you find it useful ... and sorry for making this difficult. 

Best Regards,

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I don't see the slides listed on the website under the Rolling Out the Trinity podcasts (or anywhere else), but they're still mentioned in the cast & shownotes. Are they no longer offered?

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Hello kjlloydie,

I'm sorry for the trouble.

I believe this is now fixed.  If not, please let me know.