I have a direct that has lost my trust. I need to engage with him to help him build that back and can place him on an Improvement plan in order to help him. What actions and goals can I impress on him?

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Are you holding O3s? If so, for how long (since before the loss of trust)? Are you giving feedback? Were you giving feedback during whatever transpired to result in this loss of trust? All of that can help us help you.

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Yes I have weekly O3s with this (and all my staff). Yes I provide feedback but this latest case is difficult to provide feedback on.

His claim - can't come to work because there is too much snow on the highways.

I know where he is likely driving from and pull up traffic/road and weather conditions from the internet - everything shows clear roads and no snow.


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Address the specific behavior that you are witnessing. You say that you can pull up traffic maps and see that there is no snow on the ground. Typically these only see major highways and not the neighborhoods where people live. Is this a remote worker? Is it possible that they went away for the weekend and got trapped somewhere? Is it possible that heir neighborhood is under a foot of snow?
Real life example - a few years back I had an employee that was stuck at home due to flooding. The city he lived in became trapped because of a river overflowing for about a week or so until the waters receded. Everywhere else was clear. He didn't lie and couldn't get in to work.
Just make sure of all of the facts before you assume they are lying.