I had the interview at the non-profit on Friday, the 9th. Exciting opportunity! A few days later, the 13th, they emailed and asked if I can you come in Wednesday for 30 minutes tomorrow? PROBLEM: the interview was in Pittsburgh and I live in Florida. Couldn't get a flight. I asked for a different day so I could get there. They said 'Don't schedule a flight. HR will be in touch.'

Nothing for four days and counting. I emailed and asked if I jeopardized my chances by not being able to make it in. No response. I just listened to the pod about and it said not to panic. I called this Monday and left a message with HR explaining my situation. No call back yet.

When do I figure the opportunity is lost?
Thank you,

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Until you got somethin', you ain't got nothin'.

On the other hand, until you have "No, thank you," you're still in the running.

Keep following up. Keep telling them you're excited. Keep asking for that offer. These things take time no matter how you slice it. aren't out of the running!

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Hi Kevin

I have been through a number of job searches and I have never.... I repeat NEVER had any recruiter or HR person get back to me when they said they would. Not a headhunter, not an in-house recruiter - No one. It is not likely anything you have done.

I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they could read a resume and recognize that you are in another state. I would not expect someone to fly in last minute at their own expense for a 30 minute interview.

As Julia says, keep hammering them.


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Just to put *rntt's comments in perspective - and recruiters never call me when they say they are going to either! - corporate recruiters and hr have upwards of 40 jobs on the go at anyone time. With an average of 10 candidates per job, even in my industry where there is a candidate shortage, that's 400 candidates. Some of my colleagues have more than 100 jobs live at the moment.

It's not you. There is only 8 hours in the day, and when you're spending time interviewing, and dealing with managers who want candidates to start next week, that's where your attention goes.

As Julia says, it's not lost until you get the no thankyou. HR have probably forwarded your email to the hiring manager, and said, what do you want to do about this guy? and the hiring manager is busy doing his job, and hasn't made a decision yet. I'd give it at least 3 weeks until it's lost, and wouldn't be surprised if they come back to you long after you've lost interest.


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Four days is nothing to worry about, they could just be busy (it is review time after all, tends to be a busy time in HR getting reviews filed and entered onto the requisite systems). Might be worth dropping them a call or email early next week if you haven't heard anything from them.


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I had what I thought would be the final interview with the person that would be my boss, the COO. The only person to meet would be the CEO.

What gets me is the waiting - I'm impatient sometimes. Waiting five days for one person to call with an update is wearing on my nerves. This would be a great match for both the company and myself. Until you got something you nuttin'. That is exactly what I have right now and I wonder if all this talent is going to go to waste.

Thank you all for your kind words.

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Sent your thank yous? It sounds to me like a 30 minute follow up would just be a chance to have you meet a few other folks around the office and make a good impression on people that weren't around for round 1. If you haven't already sent the "Thank yous" they may get you that extra bit of exposure that you need.

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Had my Thank you's ready and finished them from the car. I knew the first part of the thank you because of the podcast and I saved room for the personal touch.

Handed the notes to the mail carrier in the truck.

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In that case, just keep a positive outlook and keep following up every week or two. NPOs can move slowly on this sort of thing. In the meantime, keep working your network and looking for other great opportunities.

Best of luck!

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Much ado about nothing.

It's Thanksgiving. Let all the anxiety go until next Thursday.