Hey folks

BLUF: I need to get my O3's back on track, they've just turned into progress meetings.

I started O3's about this time last year with the intention of them being O3's as described by Mark and Mike but very rapidly they turned into progress meetings.

Somewhere along the way I lost the essence of what O3's should be.

Now I really want to get started with them in their true form but I don't know how to turn my team's weekly o3's into O3's?

I've thought about spending 10 minutes with each of them at their next O3 and explaining how what we're doing isn't what I intended and that I think we'd both get more out of the time if we did X Y Z rather than just update on progress?

The only snag with all this (and I think why they turned into progress reports so rapidly) is that I'm not the Team Leader - I am his deputy but he never did anything like o3's - so although I'm accountable to my TL for the team's performance , I don't actually call the 'big shots' directly. (I'm more the 'Sargeant' than the 'General' if you catch my drift).

What do you all think?



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Announce it at your staff meeting.  Tell them why you're making the change.  And then change.  

And the fact that you're not the general really doesn't matter, does it?  

John Hack