BLUF: how should the annual performance review be organized for someone who transferred during the year?

Someone transferred into my group 9 months into the year, and has worked for me for 3 months. Should the previous manager and I:

- Each do a separate review one-on-one?
- Do a review together two-on-one?
- Have one of us do the review for both?

The performance discussion is separate from the salary/bonus discussion, which follows in a couple weeks. The previous manager and I have a good relationship.


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I think the current manager does it. With your good relationship, ask for input. But I think the current manager delivers alone.

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It depends a great deal on what the company policy is. If the policy is unclear, though, or HR seems not to have a good answer, then follow our guidance, get input from the previous boss, and prepare and deliver the review yourself.


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I agree with Will, current manager does the review with input from the previous manager if needed and they've got something to contribute.

Where I work the process for transferring from one manager to another is supposed to be that before the transfer you have a meeting with your old manager that includes a mid-year review and a discussion about your ongoing tasks and goals to decide what needs to be transferred to someone else on your old team and what needs to go with you to your new position. Whether this actually gets done or not depends on whether your manager is motivated to do it. If the meeting is done then your new manager will have your previous manager's comments from the mid-year review to work from. Typically your new manager will set up a meeting with you soon after you start with them to look at what tasks and goals followed you and try to either integrate them into your new role or kick them back to the old manager.


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Thank you Will, Mark, and Stephen.

I spoke to HR; they have no policy on this.

I'll deliver the review.

Thanks again,