QQ: How to describe a role I share with another individual as “Two in a box” on my resume?


In my new role I’m running a region with a peer as “two in a box”.  We’re both accountable for one set of numbers.  However, for sanity sake we’ve divided the team, regional coverage, and deliverable we need to accomplish in order to maximize our efficiency and minimize the amount we’re overlapping each other.  That said, we step in for each other when needed and the joint team sees us both as leaders, empowered to make decisions across the entire region.

As I update my resume, do I represent myself as leading the entire region, with full set of numbers or should I only represent myself as leading half the region?  I’m not going to misrepresent direct reports, etc. but our main accomplishments in terms of increased bookings, revenue, cost savings are all shared accomplishments.  


Thank you!

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I think it's fair to say you lead the region in the resume and touch on it during an interview to expand upon it, that you intentionally split region with colleauge to improve efficiencies with availability and overlap.