I am part of a young accounting team for a large international Bank/Custodian. The organizational structure of our team is interesting to begin with. We have an officer who I report in to and who a 'manager' reports in to. My title is supervisor; I do not report into the manager. We have a team of 8 who reports directly into the 'manager'. The manager is technically sound, but has poor relationship management skills, and I have been trying to coach her and encourage her to utilize many of the Basic tools here. She is too shy and slightly awkward and many of her direct reports over the past two years have quit or become disgruntled. I have recently come back from a health hiatus, and am ready to get things back on track. I suggested starting with 1 on 1s, and we agreed to split the team (I took half, she would take half). I have been at it for a month, they are going great. She has yet to begin hers, and I think that the other half of the team is feeling left out. She is a technically sound employee; she knows everything (she is a High C with deep shades of S). I am on the fence with the following dilema:

Should I :

A) just continue on with my half of the 1 on 1s, ignoring the other half.

B) take on her half as well (a slight two headed snake in that both of us are 'managing')

C) stop my half, and start again once I get my own 'official' team

We are a slightly stretched team too, as two members of the team just resigned. The manager does not delegate at all, and does everything, which is why she has 'no time' for 1 on 1s.

Thanks all.

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This is a tough one for me...

I think I might consider two options.  

1 - Have Peer  101s with the manager each week (chance for you to stress the importance of doing the 101s in one way or another to her). See if it has an impact on her starting to give her staff 101s. 


2- Go ahead and ask her if you can give 101s to her group as well, then do it if she says yes. If she says no, hopefully she'll do it. If she doesn't... I think I'd tell her that you have concerns about staff not getting 101s and want to do it.


Either way, I think you need to stress the importance of the impact on the team being left out of the 101s when she doesn't give them, in a very open and non-confrontational way.




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...until I know to whom these folks report.  Do they report to you?  Her?  Whom do they think is their boss?  Who delivers their review?


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Adam: Thanks for your Advice! I'll definitely take it into consideration.

Mark: I'm honoured (Canadian spelling) to have you comment. They all report to her. It's an odd organizational structure. Ultimately, she will deliver their review and they know that she is their boss. I am worried (as there have been 3 resignations in the last 3 weeks in a team of 11) that the newer hires who have not been as neglected will begin to become apathetic and feel unappreciated. I feel that some action is better than none, and I have had a discussion with her about the sharing of the 1o1s (she is fine with it), but I don't know if it's effective for the team (especially if she is not following through on her end).

Thanks again!