A job for which I have a phone interview scheduled emailed me a document to complete before the interview. It wants me to describe my character (and my KSAs for the job). Is the content for this pretty much the same thing I'd put in a cover letter? Or should I be more forthcoming in the "describe you character" part? 



How should I dress for an interview for a part-time blue-collar job that I'd be picking up in addition to my full-time job (just for the extra income)? Something like a package sorter at UPS or FedEx? I think a suit would be overkill, but jeans and a polo or dress shirt probably not enough. Khakis and a dress shirt? 


Thanks for any comments/suggestions.



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Dress to show them that you want the job. I have always worn a suit to any interview, or at least the nicest clothes I had at the time. As for the assessment they want, be honest in your answers. Use this as a vehicle to include specifics where needed. Try not to sell yourself short. Look back at the resume you included with the original application. Is there anything in there tells only part of the story? Is there a relevant area where you can expound upon it in the assessment? Use it for this purpose. Detach yourself from what you think the company wants to hear and offer enough to peak their interest and allow them to give you a chance through the interview. The most important part is to close the interview. Reiterate why you are the right choice for the job and what you bring to the organization. Mac

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First:  Look at the job description.  If you see specific character traits alluded to, then use that understanding to tailor  your answer.  Pulling from your cover letter is a good start.

Second: Suit.