First of all, I love your podcasts, this community for disentanlging stressful situations one thread a time.

My query today is regarding a particular situation. 

I am a Technical Leader with 6 years experience. I have CADs and Technicians working for me. I worked on a project last year and is being considered as a nomination for company's biggest recognition, by my managment. I worked on the riskiest part of the project and as a result got an "Outstanding" for ratings. My manager changed to a new one early this year.

So for nominations, my ex manager and new one will be on the application and will attend all dinners and receive awards if the project makes it to finals.

I am irritated, because I did the lion's share and there is another technical leader who deserves this recognition a lot more.

Including my new manager simply because of chain of command is a bit ourageous.

I am feeling cold, but dont know how to express the healthy way. I respect the org structure and I know managers bear the risk with non-execution. I also have good relationship with upper management and they know the efforts very well, but the outcome of these org structure in recognition looks slewed universally ( not just my org), so much so that I feel like Scott Adams - I don't want to be in a credit hogging position. Yes they are chains in identifying the "Why" part of the project; but I executed the "How"- both of which are equally important and second being more complicated than first.

Can you help me identify the fairness in this prevalent situation ? 


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At my company, awards like that are awarded to the project team/department (for team of the year/month) and all of its members (up to 18 people).  Is that always how the awards work at your Company (that they're awarded to the project lead/manager)?  If so, who designs the awards?  Do they take suggestions?  Perhaps it would be helpful to have a conversation with your new manager about the award and ask if he/she knows why or how they're designed in this way?  

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Perhaps your situation may not seem "fair" but you could look at it a different way.

I've always found that one of my jobs is to make my manager "look good" or rather be succesful.  

If (and yes this could be a big IF) you work for a good manager they will reward you for making them look good.

This could be a way to see the type of manager you work for; are they the type of leader and manager you want to continue working for?


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I have to agree with tabithastein. I believe the word "fair" is overused, especially when discussing one's self-interest in the workplace. Ask 10 people what they think is fair and you'll get 10 different answers.

You stated you got "Oustanding" ratings for your work. You also said upper management knows the efforts very well.

You're getting the credit for the good work you do. If anyone has been trying to take credit for your work, they obviously haven't been successful.

You appear bitter that someone else might get credit too.

It doesn't sound from your description that your managers are actively trying to deny the credit due you, or are trying to "steal" your credit.

Be proud of what you've done and appreciate the fact that your managers and executives understand the situation and give you credit for your accomplishments. I honestly don't see any solution to the stress other than stop worrying about whether someone else gets credit too. It's company protocol, not their fault.

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I will probably wear the same shoes and hence it is 'fairness' over time, if not imemdiately.