I have been offered the opportunity to take on a lead role within my team (at an individual contributor level, not per se managerial). 

I can define the title, assign the tasks, etc.  Here is a sample of what I have.  Any suggestions on what else I should do as far as improving the below, metrics that I should actually provide, reporting structure (report, Sharepoint, etc.) anything you can think of if you were me? 

I am rather struggling on the title.  This isn't quite right.

Project Management Lead

- Work with Account Management , Sales and customers to consult on proposed work, prepare quotes, create / negotiate SOW's, and perform initial project prep

- Build out software environment to receive initial data from customer

- Assign out work to other team members

- Monitor work load among resources

- Match project work assigned to team members' strengths

- Report out metrics on project and personnel resources

- Act as initial escalation point for project scope change or fundamental project changes

- Identify areas of improvement or training needs

-Assist team mentors in creating training projects appropriate for new hires

Any suggestions?