I recently re-tooled my resume to the MT format and was able to get some great content on there that I hadnt thought of before.  My resume went from standard crap to awesome as far as I was concerned.

At my University they have a website set up for employers to come through and look for students to employ.  In order for you to have your resume up, it needs to be approved by someone at their office.  Mine was rejected yesterday. 

"Consider reformatting resume to more directly address job descriptors that relate to targeted objective. Also a stated objective at beginning of resume is recommended"

Is it me, or isnt the objective of a resume to state your experiences and accomplishments for employment consideration?  I was pretty sure John said that having an objective on there could sometimes limit you to what an employer may offer you.

While I want to be a part of this system, I am not your typical college student. I am 30 years old with over 12 years of work experience in different industries. 

I am unsure as to what to do about this.

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I'm sorry that the people in your university placement office are completely uninformed regarding resumes.  It's not just your university, if that helps.  I have videos of me saying, at virtually every college I go to, that the placement offices are TERRIBLE.  They are staffed by folks who do not themselves have impressive professional histories at the companies which they purport to represent to students.  The second worst caliber of talent I have ever seen systemically is in university administrations.

My RECOMMENDATION is that you change your resume to allow it to be posted.  When there are these kinds of hurdles, one adapts.  No sense trying to teach them the right way.  ;-)



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I added an objective to the top just under my name, but I left the format the same.  I agree with you that they are awful are the last people I should be taking resume advice from, but they are the gatekeepers for now.

Thanks for the advice.

Best Regards,

Jeff Cahill

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The purpose of the resume is to get you an interview. I would urge you to also change the format as well, to give them what they want. I would jump through all the hoops the university suggests, because you won't get any interviews if your not even allowed to be posted on the university's site.

Console yourself in this: Once you get the interviews, you'll be so well prepared that you'll wow the pants of them. (Suggestion: Get the Interviewing Series if you don't already have it.)

- BJ