As a Manager, my motto is " To face any obligation with full responsibilty and determination, without hesitation."

I'm working in a Finance Department and one of my main role is to oversee the work of my directs. Here comes pandemic and we need to lay off some employees. Unfortunately, one of my staff was removed and as a Manager, I have to fill in his works which is perfectly okay with me. But, here comes the problem, our company has 2 sister companies and I was been requested to also fill in the laid off position. Now, I'm having a hard time budgeting my time in meeting deadlines for those three companies. I'm under staff and over work. Its a big challenge on my part on how I will deliver quality reports despite of the time constraint. Have you encountered this difficulty? What did you do to overcome this?

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I would follow the guidance in "How to Manage a Massive Workload Increase."  It is very thorough on how to handle it using your team.

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Oh! Thanks, I would gladly look into that.

Just for an update, I was about to raise my difficulties yesterday in our meeting, but to my surpise, they assigned me another workload. I don't get it, why I can't say no..

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Prepare a monitoring or status project implementation plan so you could see right away the status updates in all areas and what percentage of completion has been made with all the 4 positions you are handling now. Enhance your work by checking on what document you could eliminate or merge so as to shorten the work process but not sacrificing the important steps in accomplishing the task/activity/plan or goal. 

And you may want to approach your head to discuss the work flow and how to improve it so as to not to have bottleneck in certain areas. And have a clear cut on those 4 job assignments. 

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Oh thanks. That is a must do procedure. Ttb, because of my workload I'm thinking about seeing a therapist to help me figure out why I can't say "NO" when it comes to work. Do you have a good experience working with a therapist or counselor before?

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You may go ahead and talk to a counselor. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you are too stressed. Talking to a professional seems good. 

By the way, you can sort things out with your 3 or 4 different tasks. Plan them accordingly so you can act on them.